Through the Lord's providing grace, we have over 33 years of experience with:
  • Foundations: trench footings; post and spot footings; smaller concrete jobs (flat work and steps)
  • Framing: floors, walls, ceilings, various roof structures,("stick frames" for gable, hip and valley, and shed roofs as well as structures for increasing pitch over flat roofs), stairs, "wall opening" header- beams, post and beam, and other barn structures
  • Flooring: laying subfloors and underlayment (with leveling); laying hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, laminate, and vinyl flooring
  • Roofing: tear off, structural repair, re-sheeting and underlayment work, application of shingles, "roll-roof", and metal roofs
  • Siding - Soffit, Trim: wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and fiber-cement, (trim coil work)
  • Window & Doors: new installation and replacement of all kinds
  • Decks: large-small; wood - composite; custom covered porches
  • Kitchens, Baths, Cabinets: We have built simple cabinets and shelving as well as installed factory-built complete kitchen-bath layouts. We have done most electrical and plumbing work while installing fixtures.
  • Additions: We have built entire additions including all of the above steps : bedrooms, living-study areas, kitchens, baths, utility areas, and garages
  • Garages: We have built entirely independent structures.
We have done extensive remodeling projects including drywall, most electrical and plumbing up to code on residential, commercial, church and farm properties. For phases of a project that are better done by those more experienced or specialized in a field, we are experienced in arranging and working with other contractors (i.e.: for large foundations or concrete flat work jobs, general excavation work, drywall, plumbing, or HVAC work). We welcome repair work as well.

Some of the jobs we have done in the Kirksville area are pictured here.
We can furnish references; "Word of mouth" is always the best advice. We strive to do quality work, up to current building codes, using traditionally proven materials and building methods and emphasizing structural strength. If we can help you with your next building project, please give us a call.